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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

May 14, 2018

Lindsay Parks is a Talent acquisition Social Media Specialist at a major insurance company in the Northeast. She is a Multi-faceted Employer Branding professional with a versatile background in the areas of Recruitment Marketing, Career Placement, Talent Acquisition, Client Relations and Marketing Support. She’s passionate about creating cohesive and lasting relationships while striving to connect world-class organizations with superior talent. Her past roles including being a freelance writer and part of the recruitment branding team at Oracle. Follow here at The reason I’ve asked Lindsay to come on is so they can talk about their day to day social recruiting activities and how that impacts recruiting. With social becoming increasingly more important for employer branding, sourcing and applicant traffic I think it’s time for larger companies to hire someone specifically to manage the big channels such as Instagram, facebook Twitter and yes even Snapchat. There is so much you can do on these channels that this should really be a full time recruiting position. TOPICS on the SHOW: -What do you do, can you describe your 9 to 5? -Whats a successful day in social recruiting look like? -What mistakes do you see employers/recruiting making when it comes to recruiting on social? -Tell me about your content strategy? Any tips to get more reach/engagement? -How much content….Do you leverage video at all? -Have you posted jobs on Facebook yet? -What tools are part of your toolbox….sprinklr/hootsuite/contentfire -Instagram branding/recruiting Internal Rules…? Own hashtag? Social recruiting success story. IS YOUR COMPANY IN NEED OF SOCIAL RECRUITING EXPERTISE? Hire Chris and the team at RecTechMedia