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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Aug 28, 2022

Cliquify is an employer branding platform for recruiters and hiring managers to showcase your culture and create buzz across social media. Activate your brand to get future candidates to connect with your values and generate excitement among your employees.

Aug 26, 2022

HireRoad, the end-to-end talent management and insight software, announced the acquisition of PeopleInsight, a provider of workforce analytics software. PeopleInsight’s technology seamlessly ingests, normalizes, and correlates data from any HR system, making it easy for customers to analyze data across all their HR...

Aug 22, 2022

This roundtable features Vanessa Raath - The Talent Hunter. We’re going to talk about how to get creative with candidates in both your outreach and your expectations of their response to you - with a big focus on the use of video. A lot of us have gotten used to video communication over the last two years so we should...

Aug 18, 2022

Incredible Health, the fastest-growing career marketplace for permanent healthcare workers, today announced it has secured $80 million in Series B funding, bringing the company’s valuation to $1.65 billion. Now the highest valued tech-enabled career marketplace in healthcare, Incredible Health has radically...

Aug 17, 2022

The employee value proposition (EVP) must change for hybrid work and respond to shifts in employee expectations.

In short:

  • Ongoing changes in the way people work have permanently transformed employees’ relationship with and expectations of work.
  • Hybrid work could be a great opportunity or a...