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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Jun 30, 2023

Accord to a story on Israeli startup Joonko, which has developed an automated sourcing platform focused solely on underrepresented candidates, is on the verge of a closure. An investigation conducted by the company's board of directors and investors revealed that the number of its real customers...

Jun 26, 2023

In the coming years, artificial intelligence (AI) will play a major role in the job search process. Much has been written about how AI will affect recruiting but I’d like to explore it from the other side of the table.

Jun 23, 2023

The Josh Bersin Company will preview its new AI system, The Josh Bersin Company HR Copilot at their upcoming Global HR Leadership conference, Irresistible.

VidCruiter, Inc.—a leading interviewing platform used by Fortune 500 companies, national...

Jun 19, 2023

We dive into all of the recent changes on the major job boards and discuss how to navigate them so that you can turn your ROE into ROI (recruiting operational efficiency).

Leah Daniels and Alex Murphy will be joined by a mystery guest to help you level up your #recruiting and make the most of the ever-changing job...

Jun 16, 2023

Comeet, a global leader in collaborative recruitment software, and Spark Hire, a top-rated video interview platform, have announced plans to merge. The combined company will offer the most comprehensive suite of talent acquisition products on the market, including applicant tracking, candidate management, and video...