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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Sep 20, 2020

Modern Hire is a virtual interviewing platform that covers the entire hiring process, from scientifically validated pre-hire assessments and virtual job simulations, all the way to providing live video interviewing technology and on-demand video, text, or phone interview solutions. Joining me to talk about the platform...

Sep 14, 2020

Most employers don’t give a second thought to how it’s crafted. Yet a few forward thinking companies have figured out that even the lowly rejection email is your final chance to make a good “last impression” during the candidate experience.

Case in point is Rejobify client BURNCO, based in Canada. They have had...

Sep 11, 2020

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Im chris russell here are the headlines this week in recruiting technology

Mathison Diversity Network

Jobvite Acquires Talentegy

Sep 6, 2020

RecTech Industry Meetup Topics/news stories

    1. New Tool of the Month: Job Title Tracker: (Get real time notifications when your contacts change jobs. Don't let a job change impact your existing accounts, starts at $25 a month.)
    2. Acquisitions: Indeed buys Zapinfo, Circa buys Americas Job Exchange,...