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Apr 12, 2024

Techcrunch is reporting that Checkr, a 10-year-old employee background check company  which was last valued at $5 billion has laid off 382 employees as companies are not significantly hiring talent.

Tech company Multiverse has acquired Searchlight, a talent intelligence and skills assessment platform that uses AI to help companies close their skills gaps.

NEW YORK – Cadient, a leading provider of talent acquisition solutions in the hourly hiring sector, has been acquired by Basis Vectors Capital, a private equity and technology investment firm that focuses on the B2B sass space

SeekOut, the Talent Intelligence Platform, announced the release of conversational search as part of its SeekOut Assist generative AI product portfolio. The new feature expands the capabilities of SeekOut Assist, enabling recruiters to use their own language in sourcing. This makes powerful AI-assisted searches accessible to all recruiters, allowing for simple descriptions instead of complex Boolean queries.

ReadySetHire, powered by Talroo, is a new recruiting platform built from the ground-up exclusively for small businesses that lack the tools and insight needed to follow recruiting best practices to attract new hires.