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Nov 19, 2021

Linkedin now lets users choose which type of job preferences they want to be found for. These include on-site, remote and hybrid. It’s a sign that job types have permanently changed. User can now edit these settings in their profile.

After acquiring Harver back in May, digital hiring solutions provider Outmatch rebrands to Harver and continues to develop the world’s leading volume hiring solution for hourly and professional roles. The unified Harver platform will combine the capabilities of both Outmatch and Harver, creating one powerful solution purpose-built to solve the complex volume hiring challenges organizations are facing today.

“Outmatch’s extensive science and product capabilities, combined with Harver’s dedicated volume hiring solutions, have already proven to be a truly winning combination” said Jim Trimarco, Chief Revenue Officer of Harver. “We’ll move forward under the Harver brand, and together we can now provide a full-service solution that helps organizations not only overcome the challenges they face today, but also thrive in the years to come.”

HiringSolved, the leader in AI-powered recruiting and talent acquisition solutions, today shared details of its newest product release designed specifically for staffing firms. Recognizing the need to make placements faster and keep talent engaged, HiringSolved expanded its solution’s search and match capabilities while adding features that help staffing teams grow their business.

 QuickHire, a career discovery platform working with service workers to find job and advancement opportunities, announces an oversubscribed $1.41 million financing round, led by MATH Venture Partners.

Currently, QuickHire targets workers and businesses in the metro areas of Wichita and Kansas City. The company plans to expand across the Midwest and add skilled-labor verticals in 2022.

 Crosschq, maker of the Talent Intelligence Cloud™ powering data-driven hiring and people analytics, announced a strategic investment from Okta Ventures and leading HR talent executives as part of its Series A extension. The investment comes on the heels of the company’s $30Mfinancing led by Tiger Global in September.