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Oct 29, 2021

TWIRT this week in rec tech

Stride Health, the leader in portable benefits for independent workers, announced that it has raised a $47 million Series C, bringing its total funding to $96M. The round was led by King River Capital with participation from Mastercard and Allstate along with existing investors Venrock, NEA, Fidelity’s F-Prime Capital, and Moderne Ventures.

Upwork has announced Virtual Talent Bench, a series of features that makes relationship building central to the customer experience on Upwork by empowering clients to discover, organize, revisit and hire the independent talent they trust, collaborated with to drive successful outcomes or want to work with in the future. 

Virtual Talent Bench features enable clients to establish a network of top independent professionals they can work with time and time again on their most critical projects or to complement skill sets on their full-time teams.

GoodTime, the leading AI-based hiring experience solution, with clients such as Box, Shopify, and Zoom, has added enhanced interviewer training functionality to its features set to remove bottlenecks, reduce time-to-hire, and ensure a great candidate experience, no matter who conducts the interview.

HackerRank, the developer skills company, today announced a record-breaking quarter fueled by increasing demand to recruit and hire tech talent virtually. The company reported its highest-ever level of new and expansion bookings — seeing a 100% increase in expansion revenue alone over the past year — as companies accelerate their remote hiring efforts due to broader shifts in the labor market.

 Ladder, the next-gen professional community platform, announced the launch of its new mobile app and raise of $3.7 million in funding from Forerunner Ventures, 

On Ladder, members can join professional communities, consume high-quality career content, engage in fun discussions, land their dream job, and form meaningful relationships with peers and mentors. The platform aims to become the go-to professional social network for Gen Z.

Ladder was founded in 2020, during the height of COVID-19, when millions of college students across the country were sent home with no job lined up, no idea what remote work meant, and no sense of community.