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Jul 17, 2022

In our next installment of the roundtable we’re tackling this topic and welcoming Jackye Clayton, VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI at Textio to lead the conversation.

Jacyke isn’t just passionate about this topic, she’s living it by implementing strategies that work:

  • Prepping candidates

  • Providing questions early

  • Ensuring accommodations aren’t creating bias

But it’s more than that; before, during, and after interviews life is happening to all candidates. Future employees have kids, parents, houses, life things. Life doesn’t get put on hold so people can take time to make their next career move. Let’s take a step back, remember that candidates are people - and make sure that they can thrive. Our goal as employers is to help them be successful - so they can thrive in their new role and be passionate about working for and with us.