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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Jan 20, 2017

What employers need to know about Glassdoor... next on the RecTech Podcast Welcome to RecTech, the recruiting technology show...where we highlight interesting HR & recruitment technologies as well as talking with recruiters on how they use it to recruit and manage their talent. Today’s show will be a recruiter edition. My name is Chris Russell, they call me the mad scientist of online recruiting, and today my job is consult with HR tech vendors on marketing strategy and product development at I also help HR departments with the occasional HR tech advice. The RecTech Podcast is sponsored by and their popular Text2Hire text messaging service. Text2Hire is a text recruitment solution that gives you instant mobile access to the candidates you want to reach for high-quality, one-on-one conversations. We’re all on our phones constantly, so if you have that one tough position you need to fill or just want to break through the clutter and connect with candidates in a unique way, why not reach them on the device that’s already right in their hands? Right now, Beyond is offering our listeners 10% off your first Text2Hire campaign. Just go to to learn more and find out how many people you could reach. Christopher Kurtz is the Founder and Managing Director of PeerThru. PeerThru is an independent advisory founded by Christopher Kurtz that specializes in the four pillars of Employer Branding, Employee Assessments, and Leadership Development. He’s also a former employee of Glassdoor, the subject of today’s show. Chris welcome to the show. Glassdoor appears to have become a right of passage for many job seekers while doing their research...your perspective...what kind of impact does Glassdoor have on today’s recruiting efforts. What is a common misperception(s) about Glassdoor? When you work with a client, where do you begin? Or, where would you recommend a TA / HR leader begin? Who should own the Glassdoor relationship? What are some of the pitfalls that you see with TA / HR managers with regard to Glassdoor? What is one of the questions you are most commonly asked in regard to Glassdoor and how do you respond? What tip would you provide recruiters or hiring managers with regard to Glassdoor? What is one of your favorite stories that came as a result of a Glassdoor review? While at Glassdoor you worked primarily with large, well-known brands. What is one tip or trick that you learned that you share with clients today? Are proactive employers telling their employees to go leave reviews? What is your parting thought?