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Mar 15, 2019, a niche job site is seeking a new owner.

Its been online for 10 years and serves mental health and behavioral health type careers. Would be a great buy for a staffing firm in this niches. Or another healthcare job business...For details visit and click on the For Sale category.

SEATTLE, March 8, 2019 — Textio, the developer of the world’s first augmented writing platform, today announced a new partnership with the McDonald’s Corporation.

Together with its Franchisees, McDonald’s receives upwards of 20 million applicants a year to support hiring nearly two million people, making them one of the most significant employers in the world. As McDonald’s is planning for their next stage of growth, they are investing in world class technologies that improve their hiring and recruiting processes at scale. Textio, a 2019 Finalist for the SxSW Innovation Awards, has been brought on board to enable McDonald’s to not only recruit and hire faster, but also to ensure they reach top-quality applicants in an inclusive manner.

“At McDonald’s, our goal is to create feel good moments that ensure everyone feels welcome and included. That starts with the language we use when we reach out to you as a candidate,” said Joshua Secrest, Sr. Director of Global Talent Attraction. “Textio’s innovative augmented writing platform will give us the insights to know, in real time, whether the language we are using is attracting the most qualified and diverse candidates we can.”

Textio is fueled by a massive data set of real-world hiring outcomes from hundreds of millions of job listings across industries and around the globe. Every month, this data set grows by 10 million new documents, with the latest hiring results attached to each one. The work with McDonald’s will further develop the platform’s capabilities in the hospitality and franchise industry.

Fresh off the announcement by The Mom Project who recently raised $8 million in funding, New York City based FairyGodBoss has followed that up with a $10 Million round of their own. Funding was led by GSV Accelerate and Signal Peak Ventures. They have previously raised $3 million.

The site is a self-described ‘social network for career-minded women’. It has job listings, career advice, employer profiles, and hosts a personalized daily feed in addition to a crowdsourced databases for companies’ benefits.

According to the story in VentureBeat, site revenues come from writing sponsored content for clients and supplying them with competitor insights — and it has more than 3 million visitors each month.

LOS ANGELES—Cluster, the first U.S. marketplace matching Industry 4.0 skills and jobs, announced that it closed a $1.9 million seed round of financing.

American industrial companies are being transformed by technology. More than 1.3 million manufacturing jobs have been added since the end of the recession. The resurgence of jobs has brought on a workforce crisis as companies struggle to fill roles.

“Hiring experienced talent is the industrial sector’s most urgent priority amidst a tight labor market and a growing wave of retirements,” said CEO and Founder Kim Taylor. “We need to expand beyond the friction of resumes and job descriptions to a common language of skills.”

Engineering talent is vetted to join the platform and employers pay on a subscription model to access mid-to-senior level talent looking for full-time jobs. Cluster only matches people to jobs for which they are qualified.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 12, 2019 — ZenSourcer, an all-in-one recruiting platform that provides a single source of truth for talent teams, today announces a $9M Series A funding round from Accel and the business’ rebrand to Gem.

Gem is also launching a CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) platform, which helps companies track and nurture relationships with talent.

“As hiring managers at Dropbox and Facebook, we connected with a lot of amazing candidates, but for many of them the timing wasn’t right,” said Steve Bartel, co-founder and CEO of Gem. “We didn’t want to give up on those conversations so we created lists of Gems and invested in long-term relationships with our ideal candidates.”

“We built Gem to give recruiting professionals the candidate relationship management (CRM) tool they need to build relationships and nurture their talent pools at scale,” said Nick Bushak, co-founder and CTO of Gem. “For us it was a no brainer to deliver the marketing automation and relationship management power that sales and marketing teams have to recruiters.”