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Jun 29, 2021

Looking to hire tech talent? Try these 10 favorites.

Built In

Stack Overflow

White Truffle

Venture Loop

Jun 27, 2021

Standalone solutions.... 

  • Worqdrive: We are an internal mobility solution designed to make it easy for your employees to stay. | Link

  • Gloat: Internal Talent Marketplace helps enterprises democratize career development, unlock skills, and future-proof their workforce. | Link

  • Fuel50: Matches your people to...

Jun 25, 2021

Recruiting platform dotin Inc., which improves the recruitment and retention of new and existing talent, has released of their latest service module, PerFit-Diversity and Inclusion.

The new module leverage AI to gather insights related to employee makeup, helping organizations realize the gender and ethnic diversity...

Jun 20, 2021

Diversity technology platforms are starting to spring up and get funding. The latest entrant into this market is Canvas formerly known as Jumpstart they recently raised a $20 million dollar funding round and we’ll get into that with our guest.


  • I want to get into the rebranding story but First of all what is...

Jun 18, 2021

The U.S. Supreme Court has given LinkedIn another chance in its legal fight to stop HR technology firm HiQ Labs from scraping LinkedIn user data against the company’s demands. 

The nation’s highest court this week issued a writ of certiorari, noting it may hear the case, but telling the appeals court to first redo...