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Apr 30, 2023

In our April 2023 roundtable, with William Tincup, President and Editor-at-large of Recruiting Daily, about the four areas of competing expectations that talent leadership should focus on (including your own expectations):
  • What do candidates really expect? Is it easy applications, quick responses, transparency, one-call hiring? When was the last time you asked candidates?

  • What do you recruiters expect from hiring managers, interview teams, technology and leadership? Are you setting them up to meet candidate expectations? 

  • What do your hiring managers expect from your recruiters and the candidate market? Do they understand what else is competing for recruiter’s time and candidate’s attention? 

  • What are leadership's expectations and understanding of recruiting challenges? Does your c-suite understand what it takes for your organization to hire top talent? Do they understand the recruiting reality on ground or are they being influenced by headlines?