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Feb 19, 2021

Sponsored by Cronofy

Glassdoor, has launched new product features that offer a new level of transparency into the state of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) at companies. The new datasets reveal employee provided company ratings and salary reports broken out by specific demographic groups.

The features now gives job seekers, employees and employers a deeper level of insight into the employee experience by displaying company ratings, CEO ratings and workplace factor ratings1 by race/ethnicity, gender identity, parental or caregiver status, disability, sexual orientation and veteran status. Salaries are broken out by gender identity and race/ethnicity.2 announced the launch of its new-to-market product, Scouted by, a highly specialized candidate curation tool that leverages the power of AI and talent experts to help hiring managers recruit top talent, faster.

Scouted by provides diverse pipelines of high-quality talent on a weekly basis, saving hiring teams tens of hours in the applicant sourcing and screening stage, streamlining processes to ensure a shorter interview-to-hire timeline. The product couples the efficiency of AI-powered tech with human-forward recruiting expertise so that rosters only include applicants who meet a team’s hiring criteria.

Talenya,  the world’s most advanced, AI-powered talent sourcing and diversity solution – released the findings from a groundbreaking study entitled Exploring The Pipeline Fallacy: Resume Skill Gaps Bury Underrepresented Minorities. Analyzing over 10 million candidate profiles, Talenya’s researchers found that minorities and females tend to share significantly less skills on their resumes when compared to their white and male counterparts. It is the first study of its kind to show that the so-called “diversity pipeline problem,” is a fallacy – in fact, there has never been a more talented, diverse population of recruitable talent across both race and gender. 

The problem is that tools and search processes recruiters are using are based on an antiquated technology (specifically, keyword or “Boolean” search) that is ill-equipped to find and surface these qualified, diverse candidates. To help fix this problem, Talenya is today launching its proprietary Diversity AI™ tool – built to empower recruiting teams to uncover and engage with significantly (2-3x) more qualified and diverse talent. Talenya levels the playing field for all talent regardless of race, gender, age, identity or disability – allowing them to be visible in the pipeline.

Eightfold AI, the provider of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, today announced the expansion of its industry-leading Talent Management solution. Central to this expansion is Career Hub, which pairs sophisticated AI-powered capabilities with a central destination for complete career development.

We all need to think about our careers proactively – constantly evaluating the external circumstances and thinking about the skills we have and could have that will keep us relevant,” said Vicki Walia, Chief Talent and Capability Officer at Prudential Financial. “This is a great way to start that learning journey to hone a new skill or take on a passion project.” 

available in 15 languages The Eightfold Career Hub is used to help each employee:

  • Keep employee profiles current, automatically updating them through integration with collaboration tools, task management systems, project management suites and other legacy systems. When paired with notifications and alerts, the AI platform serves relevant opportunities to each individual in the company
  • Chart their own career path within the flow of their day-to-day work. Discover in-house opportunities to learn new skills and capabilities, creating specific growth opportunities aligned with company strategy and personal aspirations
  • Hone new capabilities with actual projects in a talent marketplace that delivers experiential learning, versus classroom education
  • Work directly with recommended mentors and peer programs, inspiring learning and fostering collaboration

Sh1ft, Inc. (Shift One), today announced initial seed funding of $5.2 million, led by City Light Capital

Shift One was founded in 2019 by former Uber executives to address two fundamental challenges of the labor economy: the lack of a robust online marketplace for blue-collar jobs and a technology solution for companies looking to hire those workers. The company currently employs more than 25,000 workers and offers solutions in all 50 states and Latin America. 

Initially focusing on push-button solutions to quickly deploy entire teams of workers for last-mile logistics and delivery, e-commerce fulfillment and large-scale event management...Shift One provides a suite of productivity solutions — time, taxes, attendance, productivity and work-order management — so that companies can focus on their customers.

“The labor market today is broken. The working class is hard pressed to find their next steady job at a fair rate, and supply chains struggle to source the right workers to fulfill demand, especially in the last mile,” said Founder and CEO Jason Radisson. “Shift One is a new model that efficiently connects workers with rich employment opportunities, while providing companies with ready-to-work teams without the traditional overhead. Our cutting-edge approach is a competitive advantage for companies and furthers our long-term goal of becoming the largest ethical source of labor and employment in the world.”