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Nov 25, 2022

Building on the success of its AI solution in delivering diversity and inclusion in hiring, today announced a $17 million Series A raise led by Macquarie Capital and Woolworths Group’s W23 venture capital arm.

To help employers expand their pipelines and unlock the potential of overlooked or untapped talent CompTIA developed the Tech Job Posting Optimizer ( This free web-based platform provides a library of tech job templates and smart data tools to optimize postings for skills, qualifications and inclusivity oriented to the U.S. labor market.

NEW YORK — Fearless+ today announced $1MM raised for their pre-seed funding round. Fearless+ reimagines career development for Gens Z and Alpha with college and career opportunities, elite mentors, and workshops to learn real-world skills outside the classroom.

iCIMS‘ has added some new features to its platform incuding:

  • A new framework for creating, distributing and collecting job applications.
  • A powerful, 360-degree view of candidates and jobs.

Greenhouse, the hiring software company, today announced Greenhouse Goals, a new feature that gives recruiters and hiring teams a structured way to set, track and measure against hiring goals. Available to all Greenhouse customers, Goals enables talent acquisition (TA) teams to set goals at an individual or company-wide level, offering greater transparency into their performance and visibility into areas of improvement.