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Aug 19, 2018

I met today’s guest as he drove me and Steve Levy to a dinner hosted by Gerry Crispin in Nashville a few weeks back while i was at the Jobg8 summit...afterwards he also introduced me to Nashville's best dive bar and then the day after he invited me to hang out in the offices of IQ Talent before my flight left. We had time to have lunch, and commiserate for an afternoon while overlooking the Nashville skyline.

Chris Murdock is the Co-Founder and Senior Partner of IQ Talent Partners. Chris has over 18 years of executive recruiting experience and leads research and sourcing for the firm while also developing client relationships.

Prior to Founding IQTalent Partners, Chris was a Sourcer with Yahoo!'s internal Executive Recruiting team in the corporate offices in Sunnyvale, California. Previous to Yahoo!, Chris was an Associate in the Menlo Park, California office of with Heidrick & Struggles, where he recruited for software, hardware, professional services, and semiconductor clients. Before Heidrick & Struggles, Chris worked in the Retail Practice of TMP Worldwide in Atlanta, Georgia.

Todays Topics:

  • Quick bio….and Tell the listeners what you guys do at IQtalent?
  • Sourcing as a service?
  • Describe the size of your team, what types of jobs do you typically source for.
  • Distributed?
  • How do you train them?
  • Open rates for emails…? Phone calls to a live person? Lots of vmails?
  • Do you have an ATS? If so what
  • What Other software tools in your HR toolbox?
  • Ever source anyone from Facebook/Twitter or Instagram?
  • Finish this sentence: sourcing people in 5 years will be like ______________?

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