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Jan 30, 2017

One of the latest clients at Rec Tech Media is John Hoskins of Sales Genomix. John has had a long career in sales industry... first with Xerox Learning Systems, where he rose from account manager to regional sales manager, general sales manager and ultimately Director of U.S. Sales Operations. Since then he has held other high profile positions in sales leadership at various firms and today he is Co-Founder of SalesGenomix specializing in sales talent assessment. He’s recently written a white paper on attracting sales talent called 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Recruiters...and I thought it make make for some good conversation for the recruiters out there. John joins me now on the phone from Phoenix Arizona Introduce us to SalesGenomix what is and how did it start? Common pitfalls that Sales Orgs make when it comes to recruiting? Habit ABR: How important is engaging the frontline sales hiring mgr in the process...there are things he can do to help. What methods did you always find to be the best source of sales candidates? How often should you review your sales talent pipeline with your manager to measure progress? Sales mgr should be prospecting for candidates every day... Is asking for w2 still a best practice? 40 ways to recruit sales people… Any good stories about recruiting a sales person that stand out to you over the years? Prediction for 2017 when it comes to sales recruiting...poaching...small pool John thanks for joining me...the website is and for those of you who want access to the wheite paper you can check out the link from our blog on or go to their landing page @ That will do it for this edition of the RecTech podcast. Thanks again to our sponsor and remember to check out for that special offer of 10% to their text to hire service… Follow me on twitter @chrisrussell or visit rec tech, you can find the audio and links for this show on our blog...itunes and google play and soundcloud