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Nov 30, 2023

HOUSTON—-Kahuna Workforce Solutions, a pioneer in operational skills and competency management software, has announced a $21 million Series B funding round led by Resolve Growth Partners.

 Workday, (NASDAQ: WDAY), announced results for the fiscal 2024 third quarter ended October 31, 2023.

Fiscal Third Quarter Total Revenues of $1.87 Billion, Up 16.7% Year Over Year

Subscription Revenues of $1.69 Billion, Up 18.1% Year Over Year

12-Month Subscription Revenue Backlog of $6.05 Billion, Up 21.9% Year Over Year

SAN FRANCISCO — (dba Every), the all-in-one back office stack for startups, today announced its coming out of stealth alongside $9.5 million in seed funding. 

Every provides bank accounts, corporate cards, bill payments, corporate treasury, HR, payroll, benefits, accounting, and taxes all in one platform.

TEMECULA, Calif. – Happy Companies officially announces Happy, its proprietary people and coaching platform for accelerating organizational performance and enhancing management and leadership effectiveness.

There is already a vendor named Plum. the assessments tool....But Someone didnt do their research. ... Plumm, a London, UK-based B2B business software platform providing employers with an innovative software platform to deliver mental health support to their employees, received a £2.2M investment from IW Capital

The company intends to use the funds to grow its partnerships, sales and marketing teams, and expanding operations within the UK and internationally in the EU, Middle East and US.