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May 18, 2023

“Careerbuilder laid off 60 % of their people today. My best friend was included in the count. She was a top performer for 12 years at CB. She is now looking for another gig. As I am sure you would understand , after 12 years of dedication , she is nervous,” wrote recruitment consultant Andrew Bolander in a post today.

Reports surfaced this week that Twitter has acquired Laskie a tech recruiting startup that I have featured before on the RecTech podcast.

Qualifi, the enterprise solution for high-volume hiring, today announced it has raised $4.5M in funding to accelerate the company’s growth and mission to transform the way companies hire.

 Withe, the on-demand video interview and virtual hiring event platform that aims to solve volume hiring challenges for enterprise hospitality staffing and recruiting teams, announced the close of its $1.1M USD pre-seed round, led by San Francisco-based Focal.

Recruitics, whose agency./platform of data-powered programmatic advertising, engagement, and analytics for recruitment, has acquired Jamyr – a video recruitment platform. Jamyr delivers employee generated video content at scale …