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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Oct 25, 2020

What's life been like marketing jobs in the age of coronavirus? Seeing any uptick in applications?

Great point about the 10 years ago thing…remote tech was not as good...what would we do?

Session to focus on Employer Branding and Recruiting Technology. Some talking points:


  • Recruitment marketing Tech Stack
  • We leverage:
  • Phenom People for: our careers website, Content Management System (CMS), Candidate Relationship Management (CRM), Chatbot, and Talent Analytics 
  • For our blog, we utilize it as a gateway for storytelling on LinkedIn - we keep our copy/stories short on LinkedIn, and usually provide a link to a blog post on our careers site to tell the full story, which gets users in our "ecosystem" - i.e. closer to applying. We also feature blog content in certain places across our careers site. For example, we have a Sales Development Associate program - we uploaded an "FAQ" blog for the role, and link to the article on the Sales Development Associate job posting page.
  • LinkedIn for: employer brand awareness, as well as analytics and competitive insights into our performance against competitors
  • Adobe Spark for: easy graphic design for employer branding content
  • Phenom stats...



  • Empl experience...Employer Branding in times of COVID-19
  • Keeping new hires engaged whilst we’re not in the office is a challenge many organizations are facing. We were particularly concerned about our interns – who were all coming into our internship program entirely remote. This summer was the inaugural launch of our formalized internship program, so it was critical that we not only educate about our business, but also embody our ‘at your side’ philosophy wherever possible. So leading up to the interns’ first day, we sent them a series of emails. Each email introduced the intern to a new person: the head of recruiting, the hiring manager, two generalists, and our company President. Each email had the person’s headshot, a personal message, information about our business and culture, and a personal, favorite “Brother” moment from the sender.
  • Example: Finding ways to make your brand more human can help your company stand out in the competitive talent space. We have a chatbot on our careers site named Ays (short for At your side), and depending on the questions you ask, you may get a cheeky response. If you ask “Are you a human?” the chatbot will say it doesn’t like labels except if they are coming from a Brother P-Touch labelmaker, or if you ask a question it does not understand it will say “I seem to have run out of ink on this one – try rephrasing your question”
  • Optimizing social media content to get important messages across
  • How often do you post on social media?
  • The value of Job Board Programmatic Advertising
  • In the past, we would drop a lump sum of money to sponsor on a per job, per job board basis. Now, we strategically sponsor our jobs across a variety of job board networks, boosting spend to jobs that are performing well, and reducing spend to jobs that are performing poorly. Within just under a month of launch, the paid traffic from programmatic was 69% vs. 31% for organic. Years ago, we abolished Ziprecruiter as a job board channel, and now it is our #1 job board channel.
  • Leveraging employee networks to amplify your talent brand and encourage referrals
  • Example: Most promotions at Brother happen in July, and for the past 3 years we have provided custom graphics to people managers with promoted employees, encouraging them to share with their LinkedIn networks. This year, nearly half of eligible people managers participated, driving a 400+% increase in reactions and a 1,000+% increase in comments. July became our 2nd best month in the rolling calendar year for LinkedIn home page views, and our best month for unique visitors to our About and People pages as a result.
  • Example: We all know referrals are great sources of hire for various reasons (low cost, and usually high performers) and user time on social platforms, particularly LinkedIn, has increased significantly amidst the pandemic. In competing for eyeballs, you want to stand out as much as you can. We recently created a social graphic and messaging that hiring managers and other employees can use to promote open roles to their networks. The image can be set as the OG image on our job posting pages, so that the link preview on social platforms will be hyper-customized. We also took advantage of utilizing emojis and Unicode text to further emphasize and stand-out.
  • What’s in the pipeline/what are you working on that you are excited for?
  • An article from our VP of HR about Brother’s incredible transformation over the years and support of employees, customers, and communities (both pre and post-pandemic)
  • A corporate video highlighting all our products and services and brand philosophy


Where can people go to see your career site?