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Mar 22, 2019

This episode is brought to you by Hiretual.

First up in the news….

According to the Wall Street Journal

Facebook agreed to overhaul its lucrative targeted advertising system to settle accusations that landlords, lenders and employers use the platform to discriminate.

The far-reaching settlement compels Facebook to withhold a wide array of detailed demographic information — including Zip codes, gender and age — from advertisers when they market housing, credit and job opportunities.


Facebook said the new platform will also prevent advertisers from discriminating based on sexual orientation, age, ethnicity, and other characteristics covered by state and local civil rights laws.

Upwork, the largest freelancing website, recently announced Upwork Plus, its first packaged service offering tailored for small businesses.

To help growing businesses connect with and secure top-tier freelance talent, Upwork Plus features on-demand support, greater visibility for job posts, dedicated dashboards for collaboration, and access to an exclusive community board devoted to Upwork Plus customers. Feature include

  • On-Demand Support from Account Managers
    Plus provides clients with access to 24/7 customer support and additional on-demand support from account managers to help users post their first job or scale their hiring. Customers can also opt-in for talent specialist services that can assist in sourcing and highlighting top freelancers.
  • Greater Visibility through Promoted Job Posts and Client Badge
    Upwork Plus customers will receive a monthly Featured Job, which flags a post as a top job in search results and includes the post in a digest that is sent to Top Rated freelancers. Plus clients will also receive a client badge on the freelancer’s search results page to help attract talent.
  • Collaboration Across an Organization
    With a dedicated dashboard, Plus customers can track program efforts across an organization all in one place. It also enables customers to invite colleagues onto a shared account and access collaboration and project status tracking tools.
  • Plus Community Board
    Plus customers will also have access to an exclusive community board with guides and resources to help them find success with Upwork. Learning tools and forums will allow new clients to ask questions and share tips with other customers.

NEW YORK, March 21, 2019 — Fetcher, the outbound recruiting platform that combines AI with human expertise to recruit top talent for high-growth companies, is excited to announce its latest round of funding as well as several key executive hires.

In late 2018, Fetcher raised $5.4MM in an oversubscribed seed round led by Accomplice and Slow Ventures, with full participation by existing investors, Picus and Revel Partners, as well as angel investors which include Paul English(founder of Kayak), Amol Sarva (founder of Knotel) and James Joaquin (co-founder of Obvious Ventures). They’ve also brought into the organization several industry leaders to help scale their business.

“With our latest round of funding, we were able to hire several outstanding executives and industry luminaries to lead our Sales, Customer Success and Operations teams,” says co-founder and CEO, Andres Blank.  “We’re also focused on using our funding to scale our Data Science and Engineering teams to ensure amazing product innovations for our customers.”

Fetcher reimagines recruiting by utilizing AI to automate the recruiting process for large and small companies alike. There are currently 7MM open jobs in the US and Fetcher’s success rate in recruiting  top-tier, diverse candidates for those openings is garnering the attention of high-growth organizations like Peloton, Paperless Post, Equinox, AppNexus, Bridgestone and DigitalOcean, which rely on Fetcher to help grow their teams.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. and SEATTLE, March 20, 2019 — SOURCECON — Hiretual, the leading provider of AI-powered enterprise software for passive candidate sourcing and recruiting, today announced the launch of Intelligent Talent Pipeline, a consolidated  talent pipeline for the enterprise – a market first.

Hiretual’s Intelligent Talent Pipeline consolidates and fuses all talent pools – combining data from a company’s internal systems with passive candidate sourcing data from the open web – to automatically deliver the best fit candidates to a company’s hiring pipeline.

“Talent acquisition to date has been very transactional, with candidates going from job posting to hire. The Hiretual Intelligent Talent Pipeline creates an intelligent, closed loop system that continuously learns and gets better, constantly rediscovers, and actively integrates with all other enterprise functions within HR,” said Steven Jiang, CEO and co-founder of Hiretual. “The launch of Intelligent Talent Pipeline delivers the ‘Holy Grail’ in recruiting technology for HR teams, transforming talent acquisition from data-driven to intelligence-driven.”

How Intelligent Talent Pipeline works

Company X posts a job they want to fill on their career site via their ATS (i.e. Taleo, Jobvite, ADP, Workday, etc.), which posts the job to places like LinkedIn, Indeed and Monster. Company X is then awash in applications – even more so if they are a well-known brand. Many of these applicants are high quality, but unfortunately not currently qualified for the position. Hiretual’s AI-matching engine automatically screens the incoming stream of applicants in real-time, and delivers the best fitting applicants for the role to Company X’s ATS (Applicant Tracking System) – while automatically screening out and delivering applicants who are not qualified for the current role to a passive talent pool. This automation saves significant time and increases the quality of the applicant pipeline in Company X’s ATS by ten-fold.

AUSTIN, Texas—Indeed, the world’s #1 job site, announced today that job seekers can now proactively take skills-based assessments and add the results directly to their Indeed Resume.

This new feature helps job seekers stand out by highlighting their qualifications to employers, allowing hiring managers to more easily identify candidates who have the right skills for their open roles.

“Assessments allow job seekers to show employers they have the skills a job requires in a way that their work history or educational background may not,” said Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed. “We believe this is an important step to providing a more holistic view of a job seeker’s capabilities and to help to reduce bias in hiring and to focus on what matters most – skills.”

Resumes alone do not offer the full breadth of a candidate’s capabilities. Assessments help employers find and evaluate candidates based on their skills and abilities while also giving job seekers a way to demonstrate their qualifications when applying for jobs.

HiringSolved will be launching and showcasing the public beta release of the highly anticipated PROPHET II sourcing tool to sourcers and recruiters at SourceCon in Seattle.

PROPHET II is an exciting update to the original PROPHET, combining millions of records and billions of data points with HiringSolved’s award-winning AI-based search, matching and collaboration features to make it easier for recruiters to find talent from the open web.

PROPHET II features include:

Open Web Data: Instantly search across millions of people with billions of data points including social data, contact information, web sites and more.

Predictive search: Automatic title and skill expansion with autocomplete search suggestions.

Resume match: Users can upload a resume and PROPHET II will automatically build a list of potential candidates with qualifications similar to that resume. This instant matching feature uses

HiringSolved’s advanced candidate-to-candidate matching models to perform a pattern based search with no other user input.

RAI: Access to HiringSolved’s Recruiter AI, the powerful voice assistant that can be used to conduct searches and boost diversity.

HiringSolved’s Diversity Search technology: Diversity of people leads to diversity of ideas, which fosters innovation, creativity, and success. PROPHET II provides insights into the diversity of a current search result or candidate list, helping organizations find the best and most diverse talent with advanced automation.