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Feb 14, 2021

Last year Alexander Mann (now known simply as AMS) Launched an end to end Hiring Platform for Hourly Workers. Its called Hourly and we’ll talk about what makes it tick with todays guest, Quincy Valencia. 

  1. So Hourly is not quite a year old yet….whats this first year been like for the platform?
  2. How do you describe it? To me it seems like a job board + ATS powered by a chatbot?
  3. How does an employer use it find hourly talent?
  4. What are the challenges companies are facing in hiring hourly workers? 
  5. Traitify...describe that part?
  6. Pre-screening...whats the right amount of knockout questions?
  7. Have you tweaked anything with the product over time? If so what were those tweaks
  8. Any texting built into product? Or is it web based chat?
  9. Programmatic whats working with job boards any trends or...
  10. How can companies create differentiation in crowded markets with limited talent pools?