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Nov 17, 2022

After a decade building under the AngelList umbrella, AngelList Talent the startup job community is officially branching out on its own, under a new name.

While you can still access until March 2023, check out to learn more about what’s ahead for the site. AngelList Venture will continue on as AngelList.

Apploi, the leading platform for healthcare hiring, announced it has acquired OnCall, a healthcare shift management solution that focuses on scheduling and staff management amidst the ongoing hiring crunch.

Namely, the HR platform for mid-sized companies, has enhanced its onboarding functionality.

Modern Hire, the enterprise hiring platform announced the launch of the Virtual Job Tryout (VJT) for Drivers, a preconfigured pre-hire assessment for candidates seeking employment as a commercial driver. The VJT for Drivers is the latest offering in Modern Hire’s growing portfolio of job simulation and text-based assessments that measure key skills and abilities critical to success in the role and that provide candidates with a realistic preview of a typical day on the job.

HR Acuity, the only human resources SaaS solution for employee relations case management and investigations, announced today it has acquired Speakfully, the safe, private, and secure platform for employees to voice workplace concerns.