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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Jun 4, 2018

Welcome to RECTECH….the only podcast that helps employers and recruiters connect with more candidates through technology inspired conversations. Recruiting is getting more technical in nature so its important for recruiters to stay up to date on the new tools and tactics for success. 

  • The RecTech podcast is sponsored in part by Hiretual, the recruiters best friend.
  • Hiretual’s AI engine is a personal sourcing assistant that works for you 24x7.
  • Check out their new version 3 with a new reporting dashboard, email marketing campaigns that let you automate and track email response rates.
  • They’ve also redesigned the Toolbox area to include more  automation and even Updated their Boolean string functionality.
  • So if you want to find more candidates online check out Hiretual
  • Find them on the web at

Show notes

Podcast Page:

  • Reminder This show is now syndicated on the HR podcasters network. If you head over to you can find this show and discover over 2 dozen shows that cover nearly every topic in hr and recruiting...check it out at HR

Now on to our guests...Martin Burns and George Larocque...welcome back to RecTech

News Topics Discussed:

  • What’s new in your worlds?
  • Indeed acquires
  • Indeed-Glassdoor (thoughts/opinions)
  • HRtech funding---George can you tell us where we are for the year (how much in 2018 so far)----name some companies, etc.
  • Any Trends in HRtech funding? (seeing lots of news overseas)
  • Apply by Text: When are we going to see ATS adopt more texting functionality into their products? Isn’t it long overdue?


  • Let’s take a quick break so I can tell you about our other sponsor RoboRecruiter - and their recruiting chatbot technology.
  • RoboRecruiter’s JobVet campaigns help recruiters vet and select candidates for particular roles. They make it easy to quickly build conversations that are both personalized to each user:
  • Such as asking them prescreening questions before they apply
  • So head over to and tell ‘em you heard it on RecTech


  • Is Google Duplex the future of recruiting? Robot phone screeners?