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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Jun 24, 2018

Alan Fluhrer, Talent Acquisition Manager at W.E. O'Neil Construction. 

Alan Fluhrer is a 20+ years recruiting professional who has built national teams, improved recruiting processes while always remembering his first mentors words. "This is a business about people...people make the decisions, people get the jobs and relationships are key"

Alan likes to prove that that recruiting is a profit center. Saying he’s saved and/or helped companies increase revenues in the ten's of millions.

  • How do you convince management that recruiting is a profit center?
  • You work for a construction company, on a high level what is that like to recruit for?
  • Types of roles you are recruiting for?
  • What are your primary sources of hiring?
  • How to ask for referral
  • Whats working/whats not
  • What is your ATS?
  • Other software tools in your HR toolbox?
  • Sourcing stories from his past