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Nov 20, 2020

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Recruiting Technology headlines

Modern Hire, the all-in-one hiring platform announced the release of Text-Based Assessments, a new offering that embeds their science nucleus, CognitIOn by Modern Hire, into the hiring process to better predict turnover.

Consisting of a short 1-2 minute assessment that integrates seamlessly into the On-Demand Text interaction stage of the hiring workflow, Modern Hire’s Text-Based Assessments leverage job-relevant content and questions that measure candidates’ risk for turnover. The tool allows recruiters to apply powerful science and predictive analytics to the hiring process where it was previously not possible –– in text-based interview interactions –– to predict which candidates are at risk for turnover before they’re even hired. Text-Based Assessments also provide candidates with a quick, engaging experience that can be accessed on any device.

The customized blueprint workflow consists of three phases: an On-Demand Text Interview screening to establish career stability and minimum qualifications, followed by a Realistic Job Preview and the pre-configured Virtual Job Tryout assessment designed specifically for telehealth. The final phase is an On-Demand video interview, where candidates can respond to scenarios they may encounter on the job, including difficult patient interactions, technical issues that may arise during virtual patient visits or follow-up questions about their qualifications.

iCIMS, the Talent Cloud company that recently underwent a rebrand, has announced the acquisition of EASYRECRUE, the European leader in video interviewing and digital assessment capability. EASYRECRUE delivers a Talent Experience platform to optimize the candidate and employee experience, from recruitment to internal mobility.

This acquisition triples iCIMS’ global footprint, now with more than 100 employees in EMEA, and extends the capabilities of the Talent Cloud, providing its user community of more than 330 million candidates and hiring professionals with an opportunity to leverage cutting-edge video interviewing technology and assessment capabilities. This supports the critical need for customers to globally interview and assess candidates digitally, through video.   

“EASYRECRUE’s innovative AI technology and support for virtual interviewing, talent assessments, and internal talent mobility solutions coupled with the iCIMS Talent Cloud will empower our customers to better identify, recruit, and invest in top talent,” said Steve Lucas, CEO of iCIMS. “We are thrilled to welcome Mickaël, the entire EASYRERECRUE team, and its community of nearly 400 customers as we expand iCIMS’ presence in Europe.”  

With the acquisition of EASYRECRUE, iCIMS’ customers will have the ability to integrate new live and on-demand video interviewing functionalities, scheduling capabilities, and customizable assessments in their use of the Talent Cloud. Similarly, EASYRECRUE’s customers will have the opportunity to seamlessly plug their solutions into the Talent Cloud, further supporting their ability to attract, engage, hire, and advance world-class talent.

OutMatch, a provider of digital hiring technologies, announced the acquisition of Checkster, a global provider of pre-hire and post-hire talent insights solutions. The acquisition of Checkster integrates best-in-class automated reference checking offering and post-hire insights into OutMatch’s Talent Decision Platform, which brings unique talent insights derived from the combination of assessments, job simulations, and video interviews. OutMatch empowers organizations’ talent decisions while delivering a candidate-driven recruiting experience.

“The future of recruitment will leverage technology to drive efficiency for both recruiters and applicants alike,” says OutMatch CEO, Greg Moran. “Bringing the market-leading reference checking solution to the platform addresses a critical inefficiency in the hiring process by automating the time-intensive process of collecting candidate references. Integrating Checkster’s technology into our Talent Decision Platform will eliminate logjams in the recruiting process that frustrate both recruiters and candidates, while infusing more data for recruiters to identify the best talent.”

Checkster’s post-hire tools bridge the gap between talent selection and job performance. Linking the pre- and post-hire talent analytics within OutMatch’s Talent Decision Platform will create a newfound ability to rigorously measure quality of hire, drive increased agility throughout the talent selection process, and create higher-performing teams with improved retention.

Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), has announced its new collaboration with Microsoft Teams, simplifying how recruiters and hiring managers coordinate during the talent acquisition process. Employees and candidates also benefit from a fluid front-end experience in Teams, which facilitates internal mobility and application monitoring. By integrating TXM with Teams, Phenom reduces collaborative friction within the most widely used communication channel by many small- and large-scale enterprises.

As a result of Phenom TXM’s integration with Teams, recruiters and managers can quickly exchange important information during the hiring process. The Phenom platform tracks every interaction so no detail falls through. Several new in-app features are now available, with capabilities and functions such as

  • Seamless collaboration with hiring managers.
  • Video interview scheduling. 
  • Capture of real-time interview feedback.

AI technology leader, Talview, also announced the latest release of its app for Microsoft Teams enhanced with Interview Intelligence — a next generation breakthrough in remote hiring. Founded out of the Microsoft for Startups incubator, Talview has had a strong relationship with Microsoft since its inception in 2017. Since then, Talview has worked to achieve its mission of Instahiring — creating the fastest way to a happy hire.

Getting one step closer to achieving that mission and expanding access to great jobs, Talview announced an app for Microsoft Teams earlier this year. The app, available in the Teams app store, is designed to increase collaboration among hiring teams through improved scheduling and selection processes.

Now the Talview app for Teams enables interviewers to access all the relevant information for a high-quality interview within the meeting itself rather than having to go back and forth between apps. With this new and improved integration, interviewers will be able to:

  1. Access candidate information and details within Teams with just the click of a button
  2. Receive interview guidance, and provide interview feedback directly within a Teams meeting interface
  3. Send and collect candidate interview feedback directly in Teams
  4. Enhance hiring team collaboration via chat to discuss a candidate before, during, and after an interview
  5. Schedule and reschedule interviews from within Teams or Talview

All information will flow back and forth from Teams to Talview (and vice versa) with ease.