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Feb 17, 2018

Facebook is changing their news feed again, lets find out what employers can do about on the RecTech podcast. This is a preview of my live event taking place on February 22nd at 1pm EST on: On Thursday Feb 22 at 1pm EST time i will be launching a new live video training show for recruiters and employers called “Recruitment Marketing Live” that will focus on helping recruitment marketers get better at attracting talent online. If there is one thing I have learned about working in this industry first as a job board owner and as a recruiter...its that companies still dont know how to market themselves to candidates. So, I am going to start teaching them how to do it. We’ll cover topics ranging from social media to career sites to job descriptions and even sourcing. Shows will be generally be held weekly on thursdays at 1 (except on weeks that I am travelling-holidays) and feature training classes as well as vendor demos to teach you best practices and help you keep up with the new tools being created. Most of the training classes will be paid events however. But Pricing will be very affordable to anyone who wants to participate. Students will be able to interact with me live, ask questions and get a take home cheatsheet with the main tactics discussed each class. The shows will be broadcast from a platform called Crowdcast but you can just type in to be forwarded directly to my show page. This week I am kicking off the series with a free event. It will cover WHat employers can do about the new facebook news feed changes. If you are an employer that uses Facebook to attract candidates I think it will be a must attend event. In this episode I want to go over what I’ll be talking about and give you a preview with some interesting takeaways. There will not be any slides for the event insead I will share my screen and show you exactly how certain tactics can help you maximize your content on the platform. So what is Facebook doing? Listen up. One of the first things you can do is to tell your page fans how to prioritize your content. You can actually manually adjust the news feed to show your pages first.