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Nov 17, 2023

Cielo is introducing a series of intelligence tools that leverage automation and AI to help companies optimize the hiring experience for all:they are calling it Digital Accelerators™.

Remote, a leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, today launched a marketplace for employers and job seekers. Fully integrated with Remote’s global HR platform, Remote Talent provides companies and their future teams around the world an easy way to connect.

Human capital advisory firm, The Josh Bersin Company, announced the availability of a new generative AI expert assistant and problem-solving tool for HR leaders and their teams.

EarnBetter is announcing the public launch of its free AI job search assistant and a $4.5 million seed round investment led by Andreessen Horowitz and Abstract Ventures. EarnBetter’s platform utilizes generative AI to reformat and rewrite resumes in minutes, draft cover letters in seconds, and scan through millions of jobs to provide personalized matches to job seekers.

Twitters job search tool is live though they havent announced it yet.