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Jan 14, 2020

HR Lancers a new Marketplace for Freelance Recruiters and Human Resources Consultants

Thats right HR is going gig!

Employers and freelancers can now create profiles, post gigs and be found in the first and only niche gig platform dedicated to HR.

“There are thousands of freelance HR consultants and recruiters and now they have a place to call home, HR Lancers was born out of my own frustration with established gig platforms who charge exorbitant fees and lack relevant HR gigs.”

Members can create a profile for free and be matched to available gigs from categories such as Benefits, Compensation, Payroll, Training, Sourcing, Recruiting and more. 

The new site which can be found online at allows industry freelancers to post profiles, search for work, setup email job alerts at no cost to them. Members only pay if they choose to feature themselves in the freelancer directory. Popular freelancers such as Katrina Kibben, Keirsten Greggs and Jim Stroud have already created profiles on the platform.

Recruiting expert Jim Stroud says HR Lancers is a much needed resource. “Specialists are affordable and amateurs are expensive, when you consider the time and money wasted because of inexperience.  This is why HR Lancers is a premiere worth noting. With the gig economy booming and HR challenges abounding, it only makes sense to have a platform that provides the worker flexibility so many in the labor force are demanding. In light of that, a niche site for the HR industry is all the more logical.”

HR Lancers allows employers to post projects and gigs that are contract only positions. They can also seamlessly browse the open freelancer directory and connect directly with freelancers through keyword and category search. 

Current pricing for employers is as follows: 10 Day Gigs are free for a limited time, $29 for a 30 Day Featured Gig or $19 per month for an unlimited subscription. 

Follow HR Lancers on social media via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

So spread the word far and wide that HR lancers is here and ready to power the HR gig economy.