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Nov 4, 2022

A company named Pod today announced the closure of a $2.5M funding round for its AtlasJobs HR-Tech SaaS platform. AtlasJobs, launched in Q2 2022, was developed alongside corporations who are focused on building sustainable talent pathways and serves as a white-label talent engagement and management platform.

Last week iCIMS, the talent cloud company, announced the acquisition of SkillSurvey, a pioneer in skills verification and digital reference checking that helps more than 2,300 companies make the best possible talent decisions.

Qwick, the leading on-demand staffing platform for hospitality businesses and professionals, has closed its $40 million Series B investment.

Gloat, a provider of Workforce Agility tools announced the introduction of Gloat Hiring, a signature expansion to the Workforce Agility Platform that enables businesses to integrate internal mobility models with talent acquisition campaigns.