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Mar 18, 2022

Rolebot, Inc. raised $4.5 million for its AI-powered job board for top-tier, passive talent —investors include Jason Calacanis, and the LAUNCH fund.

WorkHound, a platform for the employee feedback management space, announced today that it has completed a $12 million Series A fundraising round. The capital, will be used by WorkHound to add to its employee headcount, expand product offerings, and grow its presence in trucking and additional supply chain verticals.

Bambee, the company that lets small to medium-sized businesses outsource the human respources, announced a $30 million dollar Series C round, bringing its total funding to $65 million. The investments will be deployed across four areas: Bambee Guided Payroll and HR Autopilot products, adding new customer benefits, expanding customer and HR manager teams to deliver world class service, and growing engineering teams.

Stand Together Ventures Lab (STVL3, LLC) announced an investment in Honest Jobs, a leading national job platform focusing on fair chance employment which launched back in 2019. The investment amounts to $1.5M seed financing round.


Job search platform, announced a $120 million US Series B funding round led by Inovia Capital, ..This brings total recent investments to $150 million US, including $30 million US in new debt financing from the Technology & Innovation Banking Group at BMO Financial Group.