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May 17, 2020

Remote, an HR technology startup enabling simplified global employment, recently announced a Seed investment of $11M. The fundraising round was led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from several other investors. The financing will be used to expand Remote’s onboarding platform and extend coverage to forty new markets by the end of 2020, including Canada, Germany, the United States, and France.

Remote handles payroll, benefits, compliance, and taxes all in one single solution across international markets. With remote work only increasing, hiring a contractor or a full-time employee in another country is simplified with Remote’s platform.

Joining me today to discuss the new world of remote hiring is CEO and co-founder Job van der Voort.


  • Great name by the way...are you dutch? @jobvo on twitter by the way for the listeners.
  • Remote work is having a moment…can you give us a quick history of the company and talk about the pain point for what you are trying to solve?
  • Is Remote for companies who have already found a person they want to hire or do you actually help find the  person it works…? What countries currently supported?
  • You have a remote job board…how has adding that helped your core business? Can anyone post a job?
  • When did you acquire the domain…?
  • You are a fully distributed company with employees based in several different countries.  Can you describe how you onboard a new employee remotely and talk about managing a distributed team?
  • Are you hiring?