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Jun 12, 2020

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Im chris russell here are the headlines this week in recruiting technology

Linkup job data is out: In May, created job listings were up 12%, while deleted listings were down 16% - a promising sign that organizations are gaining the confidence to start hiring again. While jobs overall continued to decline, they declined at a slower rate than the previous month. May's job listings were down -10% nationwide; a huge improvement from a dismal -29% in April. April showed jobs down in 100% of industries, occupations and states, May shows slight improvement in two of the three (industries and states). In this climate, we’ll take that as a win! 


BOSTON–Trade Hounds, the largest professional community built exclusively for the construction industry, today announced the closing of its $3.2 million seed funding round. The round was led by prominent seed-stage venture capital firms Corigin Ventures and Brick and Mortar Ventures, both of which have significant experience investing in construction technology startups. Investors in the round include Suffolk Construction, one of the nation’s top construction companies, and CCS Construction Staffing, a premier construction staffing firm, reflecting the important role Trade Hounds plays in connecting participants across the construction ecosystem.

In conjunction with the funding, Trade Hounds announced plans to launch a Jobs platform this summer that links qualified tradespeople with construction companies and staffing firms, enabling fast, seamless communication. Construction companies and the staffing firms that support them stand to benefit from immediate access to a larger pool of qualified candidates, including the passive job seekers who post about their work on Trade Hounds but may not be actively searching for work on job boards. Skilled tradespeople benefit from a community of like-minded professionals where they can showcase their skills and find new career opportunities.

David Broomhead, Co-Founder and CEO of Trade Hounds, said: “It’s always bothered me that tradespeople – the skilled workers who build our hospitals, schools and infrastructure – don’t have access to a technology platform that meets their professional needs. We’ve set out to change this with Trade Hounds. We are proud to be the largest digital platform that aims to unite and empower the millions of proud, hard-hat-wearing workers who are building the world around us.”

RALEIGH --PeopleFluent, a leading provider of cloud-based talent acquisition, talent management and learning solutions for large and mid-sized enterprises, today announced the availability of its next-generation enterprise recruiting solution.

Designed for enterprise organizations of all sizes, PeopleFluent Recruiting makes it faster and easier for global organizations to recruit and hire the best possible talent from both internal and external candidates.

PeopleFluent Recruiting provides multiple talent acquisition capabilities into one solution designed to improve internal and external hiring, process efficiency within the hiring teams, and candidate experience.

  • “In 2020, the war for talent has been totally transformed,” said Tom Sykes, Director of Product Management at PeopleFluent. “Recruiting teams are currently under enormous pressure due to increased role complexity, fluid hiring volumes, and requirements to leverage internal resources. When making technology investments, organizations often focus just on external candidate experience but there’s now an even greater need for leaders to invest in tools that optimize candidate pools and improve efficiency and quality of hire. PeopleFluent Recruiting addresses that need, providing an end-to-end candidate experience with the needs of today’s busy recruiters and hiring managers top of mind.”

Summit Partners announced that it has closed on a growth funding round in CoderPad, a leading platform for assessing technical skills. The new growth funding will help fuel hiring and continued expansion for the already-profitable company as CoderPad scales to meet increasing demand for remote technical interview solutions.

Built by engineers, for engineers, CoderPad is on a mission to fix the technical interviewing process. The company offers a collaborative programming environment that helps hiring organizations efficiently and accurately assess technical skills of candidates. CoderPad launched in 2013. The company has been profitable since its start and has grown revenues 50% over the past year. The company serves over 1,700 customers, from startup organizations to some of the world’s largest and most sophisticated technology employers, including Dropbox, Lyft, Spotify and Quora. Customers have conducted more than 2.5 million technical interviews on the CoderPad platform.

CoderPad creates a realistic software development environment that is designed to allow the interviewer to collaborate, in real time, with the code being written by a candidate and view the results when the code is executed. With built-in video conferencing, the interview session is recorded for review by other hiring managers. CoderPad supports more than 30 programming languages for use during the interview process.

NEW YORK--Greenhouse, the hiring software company, today launched its interactive Hiring Maturity assessment to help companies improve their hiring performance. Hiring Maturity is the Greenhouse methodology for how companies can assess the effectiveness of their recruitment strategy so that they can work to improve their hiring performance and identify areas of opportunities, even when they’re not actively hiring. Guidance from the assessment results empower talent acquisition (TA) teams and business leaders to transform their hiring strategy, and in turn elevate their company’s culture and productivity.

By taking the 12-question assessment, companies will receive personalized results with actionable ideas to immediately make a difference in their recruiting efforts. Greenhouse’s Hiring Maturity assessment draws on closed-loop, anonymized reporting data from thousands of companies which has helped them understand the challenges TA teams face when developing a successful hiring process. The ability to benchmark against industry peers and Talent MakersTM provides companies with insights about their own hiring and recruiting workflows and how they can be improved. By recognizing patterns and parallels, teams can identify behaviors to transform recruiting into their competitive advantage.

“There are so many teams in the weeds doing the tactical work of making today’s hires. But true, transformational success only comes when you take the time to step back and figure out how to build new, lasting capabilities,” said Jon Stross, president and co-founder, Greenhouse. “We’re using Hiring Maturity as a model to help people understand where they currently are and what they need to do to get better. To establish an efficient and high-performing hiring practice, companies must make intentional changes in every part of the process. Hiring isn’t just a series of one-off tasks the recruiters do. It’s a company-wide competency that directly impacts how your business performs overall.”

There are four stages of Hiring Maturity, and the assessment provides insights and feedback in all the critical areas of hiring based on the company’s hiring practices.


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