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Oct 23, 2017

You already know job search engines such as Indeed, Jobs2Careers and Juju but you may not know about Montreal based Neuvoo, a global job search engine now operating in more than 60 countries...there is big change going on in the job search world so today we’ll get some perspective from an upstart player in the space, (recorded at the 2017 HR Tech conference in Las Vegas) Lucas Martinez is their cofounder. This is your first HR tech show...first impressions? Walk me through the history of your site...where did you start and where are you now? Traffic, countries, etc Why does the employer world need Neuvoo... what makes you guys different? How are you going to take on Google, they are surely on their way to becoming a top job search destination, how are you going to compete with that? What about Facebook? Will you integrate with their new api? 6. Jobs are becoming a are everywhere what is your take on that perspective?