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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Aug 28, 2017

Lever is part of a new crop of applicant tracking systems that are really turning heads and making the hiring process better for companies.... They are also doing a great job at marketing themselves and I wanted to tap into that with their CMO, Leela Srinivassan. In this podcast we'll chat about: You have a quite a career path...I didn’t realize you used to work at LinkedIn...what was that like and what did you learn there about selling and marketing to HR people? How big a team is Lever right now…? How did you get the job? Why is Lever different? As you pitch Lever today what are the main challenges in selling to HR? Basic price point of the product? What type of companies do you target? Talk about your content marketing efforts and how that helps you create a funnel for sales? Just started a conference? I see a lot of vendors hosting their own now… Advice for HR tech startups...what should they be doing to gain traction/get their first clients?