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Jul 15, 2019

Today my guest is Dan Caporale he is the founder of the veteran job site Hire Our Heroes dot com and the founder and chairman of the non-profit by the same name.

HireOurHeroes is a volunteer organization that leads efforts for today's transitioning Veterans and their Spouses. It was founded by Veterans for Veterans.

The mission of Hire Our Heroes (HOH) is to empower veterans and employers with the knowledge, skills, and innovative tools necessary to optimize a strategic workforce by providing free training and education.


  • Let’s start with July 25th because that day is fast approaching with special significance for veterans...tell the audience what day that is and why it’s so important to you?
  • Where did the idea come from?
  • You were in the Marines, what was transitioning like for yourself when you left the service?
  • Is that typical for what veterans face when they enter civillian life?
  • What else does your non profit do for veterans?
  • How can employers get involved wit the non profit
  • Success story?
  • What do employer tell you about why they love to hire vets
  • Tell us about the job board...when did it start and what can employers do on it..
  • Pricing?
  • Are their certain types of jobs that veterans are attracted to? More blue collar than white collar?
  • What’s your message to employers about why they need to hire more veterans