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Sep 21, 2023

SparcStart, a leader in recruitment marketing innovation, has unveiled its latest product, Empower, the recruitment marketing portal that transforms how companies manage, measure, and share their employer brand and recruitment marketing assets.

HireClix, a leading recruitment marketing services company, today launched the Employer Brand Network (EBN) to help enterprise-level organizations activate, scale, and optimize employer branding campaigns and provide them with a competitive advantage in a quickly evolving recruiting landscape.

Lattice, the people management software company , today announced Lattice HRIS, a human resources information system that will manage the employee record and integrate directly with Lattice’s existing talent suite of products — allowing customers to report on metrics, uncover critical insights about their employees and teams, prove the success of their HR programs, and automate change management processes across their workforce.

Remote, the leader in building, managing, and supporting globally distributed workforces, today announced its new platform enhancements.

HiBob, the company behind ‘Bob’, the HR platform transforming how organizations operate in the modern world of work, today announced it has secured $150M in new funding in a round that was led by Farallon Capital and included Alpha Wave Global and existing investors.