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Rec Tech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Bringing you technology inspired conversations with practitioners and vendors in the recruiting technology arena.

Jan 22, 2021

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Recruiting Technology headlines

Managing your employer brand on Glassdoor has just gotten easier with the new Alerts feature... Alerts appear in your Employer Center dashboard, and are here to help guide you to the most important tasks and updates since your last login.

You will see alerts when:

  • New high or low ratings are posted by your employees about your company and its benefits
  • New interview reviews are posted by your candidates
  • It's time to feature a new review
  • Your profile content or benefits information needs updating
  • A competitor you are targeting has joined Glassdoor
  • Your company page gains new followers

Alerts will vary by profile, but are available with both Free and Enhanced employer pages. You may also opt to receive these Alerts via Glassdoor's employer email settings.


Personio — the German startup that targets small and medium-sized businesses (10-2,000 employees) with an all-in-one HR platform covering recruiting and onboarding, payroll, absence tracking and other major HR functions — has picked up $125 million in funding at a $1.7 billion post-money valuation.


Personio currently counts some 3,000 SMEs in Europe as customers. In an interview, Hanno Renner, the co-founder and CEO of Personio, said that the startup would be using the funding to continue building out the product — which operates a little like Workday, but built for much smaller organizations — as well as expanding its presence in Europe.


Learning Technologies Group plc, the provider of services and technologies for digital learning and talent management, has agreed to acquire Reflektive Inc, a leading performance management software provider.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Reflektive specialises in engagement and analytics tools. It offers a collaborative goal-setting, continuous feedback, and analytics platform used by teams and individuals to provide measurable results for boosting productivity, engagement, and retention. Reflektive will join LTG’s PeopleFluent business, integrating its solution with the existing PeopleFluent talent management portfolio.

Stephen Bruce, Managing Director of PeopleFluent, said: “In today’s complex world of work, it’s more important than ever for organisations to focus on developing, reskilling, and deploying existing talent to meet the changing needs of the business. To do that requires a strong focus and alignment on business goals, performance measures and, at the same time, tracking employee engagement as a vital component of the HR function and in concert with the modern talent journey. ...Reflektive’s solutions enhance performance management in a variety of exciting ways – fostering a sense of employee accountability, encouraging meaningful 1:1 conversations, measuring employee sentiment, and tracking activities in alignment with company goals.


Through its recent acquisition on Altru Labs, talent cloud company iCIMS has officially relaunched the feature inside its suite.

Aptly named Video Studio, it allows employers to create relevant and engaging content throughout the candidate and employee journey. Features will include;

  • Spotlight employees and mobilize brand ambassadors to share stories and convey company culture. 
  • Easily add employee testimonial videos to career sites, job descriptions, social media, email, text campaigns, and more, to transform traditional content to dynamic, personalized experiences. 
  • Authentically highlight diversity, equity, and inclusion programs through the faces and voices of employees. 
  • Stand out from other employers and amplify candidate reach and conversion by providing relevant, engaging talent experiences across the entire lifecycle. 
  • Embed videos into internal communications to strengthen relationships, inspire confidence, and easily engage a virtual, distributed workforce without costly video production.

“Video is how we connect with people in our personal lives, and how companies must engage with talent,” said Alykhan Rehmatullah, vice president of content strategy at iCIMS and previously the co-founder & CEO of Altru Labs. “Creating video content doesn’t have to be hard, time consuming or costly. We are seeing first-hand the value of video in humanizing brands, creating digitally-scalable experiences, and authentically building relationships with talent.”


Seasoned, a hiring platform in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, launched across the region today. After months of testing, and with tens of thousands of users and thousands of local restaurants already on its platform, Seasoned’s low-cost, frictionless hiring tools and user network are now available to any restaurant operator and job seeker in the region.

Seasoned provides an easy to use platform for restaurants to find applicants, schedule interviews, and hire people in as little as 24 hours, and at 60-70% lower costs. Seasoned also provides a community for industry employees to review openings, quickly schedule interviews with multiple operators, and connect with their peers for advice and guidance – creating a bespoke social network that brings the connections built during industry nights and events online. 

“Our goal at Seasoned is to make life easier for people across the restaurant industry – owners, operators, and employees,” said Ware Sykes, Seasoned’s CEO. “Getting people into jobs quickly, filling open roles fast, and doing it all at a lower cost help is crucial to operating a successful business and supporting robust job growth, and Dallas is going to be a key market for Seasoned as the industry recovers and continues to grow.”

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