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Jan 15, 2023

Jaime Engle  started her career in talent acquisition on the agency side doing full desk tech recruiting at two different organizations before going in house to a Chicago startup called Uptake. She helped grow the company to over 850 employees. After that she joined a data science and SaaS consulting firm called Civis Analytics where she was promoted to a senior recruiter then recruiting manager. After contracting at Salesforce, she returned to the tech startup world at Balto, an AI call assist software company based in St. Louis where she helped grow and scale the business as the Director of Talent.  

Its not everyday you see recruiters praising their ATS on linkedin but thats what you did and thats why I reached out to you…


Greenhouse is the best ATS.

Lever is second to Greenhouse.

Workday is the worst. I said it. I stand by it.

Fetcher and Gem are game changing sourcing tools, the dashboarding/data viz capabilities Gem has to communicate pipeline to leadership is simply, *chef's kiss*.

Not all companies need these tools right away but as you look to scale next year, the investment is worth the conversation. Weigh the cost of these tools (and their competitors!) against an added headcount.

Feel free to disagree with me but I will die on the Greenhouse hill, just sayin'.