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Oct 14, 2022

Dandi Technologies, an analytics platform for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace, emerged from stealth today. The company unveiled a first-of-its-kind DEI analytics solution used by people leaders to pinpoint equity gaps in the employee journey and implement data-driven solutions to workforce diversity challenges. 

They also announced $3.7M in seed funding.

TaTiO, a future of work company that uses AI to help companies fill open positions with qualified workers, today announced the completion of a $5.3 million seed round led by Mensch Capital Partners and Cresson Management, with participation from Cerca Discovery, Tau Ventures Ltd., Techstars, and GoodCompany. TaTiO sources and vets job seekers with their AI work experience simulations and provides employers with pre-qualified candidates to interview.

Fresh off a round of funding, The Muse a job site/employer branding company, has acquired the largest career community for women, FairyGodBoss.

This acquisition combines the largest online career community for Gen Z and millennial candidates with the largest online career community for women, to create a new “powerhouse in the next-gen hiring space” according to the company.

CareerBeacon, the leading online recruitment and talent acquisition site in Atlantic Canada, announced today its acquisition of the employer branding platform, Ruutly.