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Jul 27, 2023, the world’s largest freelancing marketplace, recently released new figures revealing a surge in freelance creative writing jobs, growth in business marketing activities, and an increase in on-site photography and videography gigs.

  • Creative Writing – up 58% (from 1,868 to 2,961 jobs)

  • User Interface Design – up 52% (from 2,017 to 3,075 jobs)

  • Twitter Marketing – up 41% from (1,650 to 2,334 jobs)

  • Photography – up 40% from (2,101 to 2,945 jobs)

  • Writing (Microsoft Word) – up 38% (from 3,175 to 4,401 jobs)

NEW YORK—-Skillit, the data-driven recruiting platform for skilled, full-time construction labor, today announced $8.5M in additional funding co-led by MetaProp and Bow Capital with participation from existing investor Building Ventures. Skillit taxonomizes and assesses everything from skills and experience to professional goals and preferences in order to generate data-rich worker profiles that make it easy to identify, hire and retain the best talent.

SAN FRANCISCO – Findem, the AI talent acquisition solution is giving talent teams a competitive edge with new generative AI capabilities integrated throughout its platform. Built on a foundation of three-dimensional people and company data that is time ordered, Findem’s Talent Data Cloud is uniquely positioned to provide ChatGPT-enabled insights to talent teams across the entire talent lifecycle that cannot be found any other way.

Recruitics, a leading provider of data-driven recruitment marketing solutions, is proud to introduce Vision analytics, the first AI-powered recruitment data analytics platform. Vision offers unrivaled accuracy and speed while delivering the most comprehensive recruitment analytics solution in the industry.

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