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Sep 25, 2023

My guest today is MaryAnn Pelland, Head of TA for Citizens Bank….Headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island, Citizens is one of the nation’s oldest and largest financial institutions, with more than 17,000 colleagues nationwide.

You can check out their career site at


1. Give the audience a sense for How many people do you hire every year?

Whats the size of the TA team at citizens…?

2. How does Citizens use hr technology to facilitate hiring…(walk us thru your HR tech stack)

3. Any cool recruiting tech you are thinking about installing in 2024?

4. What are the biggest hiring challenges for Citizens right now?

Job ghosting?

5. How are you trying to make the candidate experience better?

Are you guys very active on social media…can you tell us how you leverage channels for recruiting?

6. Talk to me about your DEI recruiting strategy