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Jan 29, 2023

Candidate Experience: 2022 Talent Board Findings and Top CandE Large Employer Winner

What are employers doing to solve for the candidate experience, and how are candidates perceptions of these efforts (or lack thereof)?

Join Kevin Grossman and David Crawford to discuss the latest benchmark data reports from The Talent Board covering all things candidate experience and what the latest data is telling us. Here is what can you expect to hear about during our open forum discussion:

  • What candidates expect the most

  • Reasons candidates will bail during your hiring process

  • What is candidate resentment and how do you get access to the calculator to measure it

We will also be highlighting some of the major takeaways from the report such as: 

  • Recruiting technologies drive communication and engagement - a higher level of positive, perceived fairness - are those video interviews helping or hindering you?

  • Onboarding activities can improve early retention