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May 27, 2022

Assembled, the leader in workforce management for modern support teams, today announced it has closed $51 million in Series B funding, which reflects a more than 5x valuation increase in just one year. 

Assembled’s workforce management platform helps support teams at the world’s fastest-growing companies efficiently respond to customer demand through accurate forecasting, automated scheduling, and robust realtime and historical reporting. Says co-founder and CEO Ryan Wang: “For many of our users, support is the biggest roadblock between mission and reality. Why is support so hard to get right? We believe it’s because operational issues and people issues rhyme, and that’s what we’re out to solve.”

RepVue, the world’s largest and fastest-growing sales organization ratings platform, today announced that it has secured $5 million in seed financing led by S3 Ventures with significant participation from TDF Ventures and existing investors, including Knoll Ventures and Alerion Ventures. In addition, RepVue added new investors GTMfund and Triangle Tweener Fund.  Industry leaders such as Kyle Porter, (Salesloft CEO), Alex Estevez (former CFO, Atlassian), and Matt Green (CRO, Sales Assembly) also joined the round.

Only two years after coming out of beta, RepVue users have contributed over 60,000 ratings of 11,000 sales organizations globally.  These ratings include data-points on quota attainment, culture, lead flow, compensation, product-market fit and more – making RepVue the most trusted resource for sales professionals seeking up-to-date, detailed insights into prospective employers.

“Over my 20 years as both a sales professional and leader of large sales organizations, I’ve recognized an acute need for more balanced information in the hiring process, as well as more data-driven decisions by hiring teams. This funding helps realize RepVue’s mission to drive transparency into sales organizations and enable sales professionals to discover career opportunities that best fit their skills and experience,” according to Ryan Walsh, founder and CEO of RepVue. “RepVue will use the funding to extend its leadership and accelerate growth by hiring additional top talent and expanding its dataset.”

Velocity Global, the leading provider of global talent solutions, announced today that it raised $400 million in its Series B funding round, increasing the company’s valuation seven-fold since the same time last year.

The platform offers a full suite of talent solutions, including global Employer of Record (EoR) and Contractor Management, to help thousands of companies compliantly onboard, manage, and pay full-time and part-time talent, contractors, and freelancers in more than 185 countries and all 50 United States.

​​WorkReels has launched the world’s first video storytelling platform built specifically for recruitment and employer branding teams. WorkReels enables talent acquisition professionals to easily make and share high-quality, affordable social media videos for recruiting for about 1/20 the price of video production.

WorkReels enables talent acquisition professionals to attract and engage with both passive and active job seekers by reaching them where they spend the most time–viewing videos on social media. WorkReels is a solution for how hiring takes place today, which is more like digital marketing–attracting candidates through interesting video content and engaging with them over social media.

How WorkReels works

Using WorkReels requires no special video filming experience. It uses smartphone cameras and as little as 20 minutes of employee’s time:

  • Recruiters select from a library of customizable templates called Storylines to film scenes for the video story they want to tell, including “meet the team” and “a day in the life” videos that help illustrate their employee experience.
  • Recording WorkReels videos is quick and easy with any smartphone and can be completed in as little as 20 minutes with participants filming separately or together, whenever it’s convenient for them.
  • WorkReels professional editors transform approved recordings into high-quality videos optimized for social media, a jobs page or any location frequented by a company’s likely job seekers.
  • The WorkReels branded player makes sharing and embedding videos easy across LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.


SmartRecruiters announced the launch of SmartOnboard, a native solution that delivers a seamless onboarding experience for new hires. The new solution allows HR teams to get new employees up and running through a simple, tailored, and engaging onboarding experience that can be managed at scale.

With SmartOnboard new hires can easily find and complete their onboarding tasks, be introduced to their team, and familiarize themselves with their employer’s brand and culture, all through a new hire portal. At the same time, automated onboarding activities free up onboarding teams from managing paperwork, allowing them to focus on getting new hires set up for success, all while easily controlling their data on one system.