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Jul 30, 2021

Culture Amp was founded in 2009 to let companies conduct anonymous employee surveys, but since then, its focus has expanded to helping employers turn the data they collect into action. The company announced today it has raised $100 million in Series F funding, led by returning investors Sequoia Capital China and TDM Growth Partners. 

The round bumps Culture Amp’s valuation to $1.5 billion, more than double what it was after the company’s Series E in 2019. That makes them our industries latest unicorn. There are now 27 different companies that have ever received a single funding round of $100 million or more.

Talview, a leading provider of an end-to-end, AI-powered hiring and proctoring solution, today announced it closed $15M in Series B funding led by Silicon Valley investor Eileses Capital….The new capital further validates that their video AI platform is perfectly positioned to help organizations analyze talent interactions for more efficient and effective talent decisions in a digitized world where video plays a key role.

Pangea is a freelance marketplace for college age talent that has just secured a nice round of funding. They are based in Providence Rhode Island.

According tot he company’s blog;

In the past 12 months, students from more than 850 colleges across the US and Canada have come to Pangea to find freelance work. 

In that time, we’ve grown GMV nearly 400; helping Pangeans earn nearly $500,000.

Leadr, Inc., a rapidly growing human resource software company, today announced closing their Series A funding with a $10M investment round led by Bedrock. The Series A raise also included funding from Leadr friends and family, including Leadr Co-founder and Executive Chairman of the board, Chris Heaslip; Chief Revenue Officer of Intuit, Bobby Morrison; and Co-founder of Pushpay, Eliot Crowther.

REBRAND…..ORLANDO — HR Payroll Systems and Applicant Tracking Systems announced today that the two websites will unite to form Matchr. Both companies are designed to connect HR professionals with HRIS/payroll systems and applicant tracking systems, respectively. Through consolidation of the two brands under Matchr, HR professionals can conveniently access a single site for all of their HR software needs.