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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Sep 10, 2018

Tim Sackett is well known to the recruiting industry, in fact some might call him HR Famous….He is the President of the Michigan based staffing firm HRU  Technical Resources, he blogs 5 days a week at and he just wrote a book too so we’ll chat about that and much more on today’s show.


  • First and foremost...are you still in Indeed jail?
  • Hidden Career site link...I have a bit on this…”Recruiting redneck”...wanna hear it?
  • If you hide the careers link nder the about us menu---u might be a recruiting redneck…
  • If you still have a one page career site, you might be a recruiting redneck
  • If you still post jobs online in PDF format, you might be a recruiting redneck
  • If you still use an excel spreadsheet as your ATS, you might be a recruiting redneck…
  • What else ticks you off about how companies recruit
  • ?How’s the book doing?
  • What can I expect to learn?
  • Whats a day in the life for tim sackett?
  • Most creative thing you ever did to find a candidate?
  • Advice for young recruiter?
  • How can companies get HR tech right?

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