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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Oct 7, 2019

I met today’s guest at the Social Recruiting Strategies Conference in Philadelphia this summer. In her role at Siemens Eleni Efstratiades helps propose solutions that enhance candidate experience through marketing and technology innovations. I asked her to come on and talk about her efforts around brand and marketing Siemens jobs.


  • Whats the Siemens do you pitch potential candidates on your career site and other channels?
  • Examples for being authentic
  • What’s your recruiting tech stack like...ATS, CRM...etc…
  • How do you view technology when it comes to creating a good candidate experience? 
  • You are a client of VideoMyJob, what has that experience been like?
  • What results have you seen as a result of video on your jobs?
  • What tips on video creation do you have?
  • What kind of metrics do you track as part of your job?