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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Mar 1, 2019


And the venture capital funding keeps flowing..., a boston based open-access platform dedicated to empowering people in their work-lives, has closed a $100 million in growth equity round led by Providence Strategic Growth (PSG). PSG is an affiliate of Providence Equity Partners L.L.C., a global private equity and credit investment firm with $57 billion in capital under management.

The new funding will accelerate product development and services for Jobcasers (Jobcase members) via internal growth and/or strategic acquisitions. Some enhancements include, but are not limited to, sophisticated machine learning architecture that will better serve relevant content to Jobcasers, product development to increase ease of connections and community building and new integrations and APIs that enable Jobcasers to more easily promote themselves and better engage with employment opportunities.

“We are proud to help expedite Jobcase’s mission to empower people in their pursuit of a happy and meaningful work-life,” says Mark Hastings, PSG CEO. “Jobcase’s unique approach that prioritizes community has catapulted the company to its position as an industry leader. The company is well positioned to fulfill the pressing need for connection in this space both domestically and abroad.”

Recently ranked as the fourth largest online destination for career resources in the USA, Jobcase serves more than 100 million registered members with over 25 million unique active Jobcasers visiting the site each month.

In Austin TX --TextUs, a real-time communication platform, and Herefish, an automation platform built for the staffing industry, announced a new partnership today that enables recruiting firms to combine corporate-level recruiting automation with desk-level, 1:1 communication with candidates, contractors, and clients.

“This partnership expands the capabilities for Herefish customers,” says Jason Heilman, CEO & Co-founder of Herefish. “Our mutual customers can now engage with candidates who respond to automated texts sent from Herefish directly from their TextUs accounts. This allows for faster conversations with candidates and contractors.”

There are two big benefits for mutual Herefish and TextUs customers:

  • Send automated text messages from Herefish using each recruiter’s TextUs phone number to streamline communication.
  • Automate routine text messages like interview reminders, first-day follow up, and mid-assignment surveys

ZipRecruiter, a leading online employment marketplace powered by AI matching technology, announced today that it has expanded its services to actively connect Canadian companies of all sizes with job seekers nationwide. The move, which helps address pain points on both sides of the historically tight Canadian labor market, is part of ZipRecruiter’s international expansion of its marketplace.

With Canada’s national unemployment rate near its forty-three year low at 5.8%, and more jobs being created than there are available workers, companies are struggling to fill open jobs, while job seekers in certain industries are facing localized shortages of job opportunities matching their skills and experience.

ZipRecruiter connects millions of job seekers to highly relevant jobs through its #1 rated job search app in Canada and partnerships with popular employment sites, including Google job search, Kijiji, and over 50 of the country’s top job boards. On the employer side of the labor market, the company’s dedicated local sales team supports the specific hiring needs of Canadian businesses of all sizes.

HackerRank, a platform that helps companies evaluate technical talent based on skills, today launched the machine learning-based Test Health Dashboard to give businesses the data they need to improve their skills assessments, deliver an excellent candidate experience, and effectively hire the software developers they need.

For the first time, enterprises will be able to see how each of their skills assessments are performing for different roles — from a senior engineer to a DevOps intern, and everything in between. Recruiters and hiring managers can gain insight into each stage of the recruiting process to improve candidate conversion and increase the quality of hires for every role.

Using the Test Health Dashboard, recruiters and hiring managers can track, analyze and adjust how they’re delivering on candidate experience, including the effectiveness of their skills tests and their correspondence throughout the hiring process.

NEW YORK–Landit announced today that it closed $13 million in an oversubscribed Series A funding round led by WeWork and backed by investors including NEA, Valo Ventures, Workday Ventures, Gingerbread Capital and current venture and seed funders.

Landit is a one-size-fits-one career pathing platform that enables women and diverse groups to succeed in the workplace. Each member receives a tailored playbook that provides the tools, resources, know-how, and human connections they need to advance and navigate their career. Key features include building a personal brand, executive coaching, creating a personal board of advisors, curated skill development and mapping to career opportunities.

“The future of work is focusing on unlocking the potential of each individual by investing in their personal success,” said Lisa Skeete Tatum, Landit’s Founder and CEO. “We partner with companies around the globe to offer a turnkey solution at scale that enables organizations to better democratize access and success with a clear and measurable ROI. When you have what you need when you need it, in a way that is relevant and actionable, that’s how you land it. Our members are more engaged, and as a result, companies see the increase in retention and mobility.”