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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Feb 3, 2019

This podcast is sponsored by; is a solo show with yours truly Before I start I have to give a stout to my buddy Tim Sackett. I was checking twitter this monrning when I saw something that made me fall on the floor lauging…..tims been on fire lately with lots of funny tweets and I just had to read you his latest one…


Have you seen that documentary yet about that Fyre Festival that happenedin in the Bahamas? If you havent it is a story of how some rich kid form Mew york ity duped investors into giving him millions of dollars to throw a very exclusive, very expensive music festival for other rich kids. Only problem was he didnt know how to actually plan and run an event of this nature...its on Netflix and i highly recommend seeing it,


Anyway here was Tim tweet that imagined a Fyre HR fest…


Tim Sackett SCP,SPHR @TimSackett


Hey Peeps!

So excited to announce that Registration is opened up for the-

Fyre HR Festival in beautiful Cleveland!

Paypal me - $10k - all the HR super stars are going to be there! And back by popular demand - The Monster Trumpasaurus stuffed animals!


Laugh, got to love the wittiness of tim sackett...follow him on @timsackett if you dont yet…

So lets talk about rejection.

Recruiters hate sending rejection emails and candidates hate getting them. It’s no wonder then that most companies don’t pay much attention to this important recruiting chore. But with a little thought and effort your company can easily improve the rejection process in order to change that dynamic.

By implementing a more refined workflow you can actually help turn those you can’t hire into allies while letting them down gently. The last thing you’ll want is for them to head to Glassdoor and leave a rant after you say No.

Those candidates could actually become a candidate in the future and/or a customer, therefore how you reject them matters if you want to keep them coming back.

So here’s my five rules to add value to the dreaded rejection email process. Ignore them at your peril.

1 Time It Right

2 Be Honest, But Not Too Honest


3 Have Multiple Email Templates


4 Add Value to the Rejection

try Rejobify's free email templates:

5 Get Their Feedback