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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Jun 24, 2018

Alan Fluhrer, Talent Acquisition Manager at W.E. O'Neil Construction. 

Alan Fluhrer is a 20+ years recruiting professional who has built national teams, improved recruiting processes while always remembering his first mentors words. "This is a business about people...people make the decisions, people get the jobs and relationships are key"

Alan likes to prove that that recruiting is a profit center. Saying he’s saved and/or helped companies increase revenues in the ten's of millions.

  • How do you convince management that recruiting is a profit center?
  • You work for a construction company, on a high level what is that like to recruit for?
  • Types of roles you are recruiting for?
  • What are your primary sources of hiring?
  • How to ask for referral
  • Whats working/whats not
  • What is your ATS?
  • Other software tools in your HR toolbox?
  • Sourcing stories from his past