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RecTech: the Recruiting Technology Podcast

Apr 1, 2019

Podcast sponsored by WorkHere and

Today we are going to talk about social recruiting with a couple of peeps from WorkScene a new social media platform joining me on the phone Mike Webb CEO and Cyndy Trivella, Vice President, Strategic Relations

--What do you mean when you say social media has failed recruiting because I kind of view as the opposite that recruiters have failed at social media…

--Why does the current state of social media not working as effectively as it should for recruiters, sourcers and job seekers?

--Why is having an Inbound recruiting strategy better in the long-run? Dont you need both?

--What is Workscene, and why did you build it? (mike background as recruiter)

Are their any companies that do social well in your opinion?

--Where and why do job postings fall short when attracting talent to an organization?

--What is the value in building Talent Communities? (most companies suck at maintaining these)

--When and why should companies showcase their culture to job prospects?

--There are still a good number of job seekers who don't use social media in their search strategy. Why do you think this is?